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Are you interested in becoming a recipe contributor to Food Fare?


Since our inception, Food Fare has worked with a number of recipe contributors, most of whom were family members and friends. However, we recently decided to open the door and allow anyone to contribute their favorite dishes.


Become a recipe contributor to Food Fare!



Please read the following guidelines before submitting a request to become a recipe contributor to Food Fare.

  1. Guidelines for becoming a recipe contributor to Food Fare.Only legitimate contributor requests will be considered. Any requests containing spam, pornographic reference or material or otherwise offensive language will be ignored.

  2. Once approved, contributors must submit a brief biography, relevant links and a photo to include on their page at Food Fare.

  3. Contributors must submit recipes via Microsoft Word or in the body of an e-mail. Photos must be sent separately, attached to an e-mail. Food Fare's direct e-mail address will be provided to approved recipe contributors.

  4. Food Fare reserves the right to edit recipe submissions and related photos to conform to the existing web site layout.

  5. By submitting recipes and related photos, contributors are granting permission to Food Fare to display specific recipes and photos with appropriate copyright information.


There is no monetary compensation for becoming a recipe contributor to Food Fare. However, contributors receive their own page at Food Fare with a photo and links to their own web sites or blogs, if applicable.



If you would like to become a recipe contributor to Food Fare, please fill out the form below and click "Send."

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