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Corned Beef & CabbageCorned Beef & Cabbage

Place onions, potatoes and carrots in an electric crock pot or other slow cooker. Combine water, garlic, bay leaf, sugar, black pepper, cider vinegar and contents of spice packet in a small bowl; pour over vegetables. Top with corned beef brisket and cabbage wedges. Cover and cook on low setting until meat and vegetables are tender, about eight to nine hours. Remove bay leaf; slice corned beef into individual portions and serve with cooked vegetables. Recipe makes enough for about six servings.


Note: Corned beef and cabbage is typically associated with Saint Patrick's Day in the USA and Canada. However, corned beef is not an Irish national dish. The association with Saint Patrick's Day is specific to Irish-American culture. In the late 19th century, Irish immigrants used corned beef as a substitute for bacon, which was meant to be a variation on the Irish dish known as Bacon & Cabbage. In Ireland, St. Patrick's Day dinner usually includes boiled bacon or ham served with cabbage and jacket potatoes. Warm soda bread is often served on the side.


*Image of Corned Beef & Cabbage used with kind permission of John Murphy from Ireland's Eye.


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