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News, Saturday, 2nd November 2019:

"Celtic Remnants" book review and video

A new book review of Celtic Remnants by Deborah O'Toole was recently posted on Good Reads.

Some of the highlights of the review, written by Barbara Cerda, include "This novel is a masterful weaving of a love story that nestles nicely within remnants of Upstairs Downstairs, Poldark, and finally Downtown Abby" and "the emotional force conveyed when the author seamlessly transitions from love scenes to heartbreaking moments is surprisingly memorable. It is because of this author’s incredible skill and grace in storytelling that it serves well in telling of Celtic culture and its brutal struggles to achieve autonomy under British rule."

Book review of "Celtic Remnants" at Good Reads

To read in the book review in full, click here.

In addition, Barbara Cerda created a two-minute video highlighting the book. It can be viewed below or by clicking here.

Celtic Remnants by Deborah O'Toole from Barbara Cerda on Vimeo.

As the author of Celtic Remnants, I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to Barbara Cerda, and much love and thanks also goes to Terrie Balmer at Club Lighthouse Publishing for all of her efforts on my behalf.