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Scott Page


Scott PageScott was a considerably handsome man in seductively dark fashion. He knew people sometimes found his physical stance threatening. He assumed it was because he did wear a scowl most of the time, which was just his nature. His finely-chiseled features were heightened by slightly olive-tinted skin and high cheekbones, giving him an exotically European appearance. His toothy smile was dazzling when he chose to shine it on someone, which was rare. Paradoxically, he had no trouble attracting women, a fact he took full advantage of on a regular basis.


Born in Bangor, Scott had enjoyed singular attention from his parents for most of his young life. His father, US Air Force Major Dr. James Page, served in a medical capacity during World War II. Scott's mother, Italian-born Maria Theresa Amaretto, was a music teacher. The Page family lived in a modest base house at Naval Shipyard Portsmouth in Kittery, where Scott remembered his childhood as being settled and happy. Seven years after the war ended, Dr. Page took a position at the newly-constructed Landstuhl/Ramstein Air Base in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, where he worked at the military hospital. Scott, all of thirteen years old at the time, quickly learned the German language by integrating with students at Wiesbaden High School in nearby Mainz. The experience left Scott with a slight German diction, which he found ironic as his true heritage sprang from an Italian mother and an American-born English-Scottish father.

The Page family stayed in Germany for four years before returning to Maine. Shortly after his seventeenth birthday, Scott's parents were tragically killed in an auto accident. They had been driving home after having dinner at a nearby restaurant when they collided with a transport truck. Scott was left shattered and alone. His only living relative, his father's spinster sister Elaine, took him in following the accident, after which Scott began taking odd jobs to save money for college. Once he arrived at Bangor University as a student, he worked nights at a gas station to support himself. The feeling of making it on his own instilled a great deal of confidence in Scott.

Scott possessed a master's degree in geophysics from Bangor University. For several years he worked for a mining company in New York, where he met Brian Larkin in 1968. Brian offered Scott a job the following year in May, with a healthy salary and benefits. Scott accepted the job, and was on his way to Ireland a month later to supervise the Larkin Mines Keel Project survey in Ballymahon, County Longford. Scott enjoyed the work in Ireland immensely, keeping in constant contact with Brian by telephone. After a short period, Scott came to genuinely like and respect his employer. Brian was a fair and honest man who did not play favorites.

Scott fell hard for Brian's daughter Shannon Larkin when he came to Larkin City. She was doubtful at first, but grew to love him as deeply as she would ever love anyone. When Mike Sullivan escapes Bangor Mental Hospital and kidnaps Shannon, Scott finds them in a cave at Seal Harbor. Scott shoots and kills Mike, ending the obsession once and for all.


Scott and Shannon's long marriage was a passionately happy one, shared by their children Angie and Jamie. However, there were difficulties along the way. When Shannon realizes Jamie is gay she knows Scott will never accept it:

Shannon knew her son was gay with a mother's instinct, but it didn't bother her. What bothered her was Jamie's denial of his true self, although she realized she could never press him into action. So she waited patiently, secure in the knowledge that he would confide in her someday. Scott did not have clue, of course. Even if he did, he would never encourage Jamie to come out in the open to claim himself as gay. An admission of homosexuality by his only son would devastate Scott, making him feel less of a man and a failure as a father. That bothered Shannon, too, and was perhaps the only blemish in her husband's otherwise flawless character.

The anguish at Scott's loss after thirty-one years of marriage quickly turns to betrayal and rage when Shannon finds love letters written to her husband by another woman.




  1. Shannon Larkin; married 1971-2002 (his death).

  2. Andrea St. John; 1992-2002 (love affair).


Scott appears in The Twain Shall Meet, Enthrallment, The Keeper's Journal, Hearts Desires and The Twilight. He also appears as a ghost in Megan's Legacy.


Deidre Dalton

*Author's Note: The physical appearance of Scott Page is based on actor Rudolf Martin. The image is not meant to be indicative of true personality traits of a real person, but rather a general idea of what I envisioned as the "outer shell" of a fictional character.


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