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Mae Jensen


Mae JensenMae Jensen began working as the Larkin family chef in 1951, following the grisly murder of Nicholas Bertrand.

Mae's husband Ted died in 1946; she was a widow when she began working for Larkin family. Her daughter, Melinda Allen, was a legal secretary living in Larkin.

Mae was small and dainty, with large blue eyes and light brown hair. She was kind-hearted and generous, very caring of her employers, and saw them as her family.

She died in her sleep of a stroke in 1989. She was buried in the Larkin Family Cemetery. She and Claude Mondoux were the only "servants" to be so honored.

Mae Jensen appears in appears in Quixotic Crossings, The Twain Shall Meet and Enthrallment.

Deidre Dalton

*Author's Note: The physical appearance of Mae Jensen is based on actress Grayson Hall. The image is not meant to be indicative of true personality traits of a real person, but rather a general idea of what I envisioned as the "outer shell" of a fictional character.


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