Collective Obsessions Saga: Meet the Characters


Detective Lyle Gould


Detective Lyle GouldLyle Gould went to high school with Angie Page.

He later became a member of the Larkin City Police Department, training with Detective Mark Balsam to take over investigations in 1996.

Lyle was of medium build and balding, with pale blue eyes and a thin mustache.

He often tangled horns with Angie Page after she became the local TV news anchor, their sparring occurring during the serial killer's spree in Larkin City.

Lyle Gould appears in The Keeper's Journal, Hearts Desires and Megan's Legacy.

Deidre Dalton

*Author's Note: The physical appearance of Lyle Gould is based on actor Anthony Edwards. The image is not meant to be indicative of true personality traits of a real person, but rather a general idea of what I envisioned as the "outer shell" of a fictional character.


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