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Foofer (Jamie's dog)Foofer Page


Foofer Page was the beloved canine pet of Jamie Page.

Jamie, a veterinarian, tended to Foofer after he was abandoned on the outskirts of Larkin City:

Thursday afternoon found Jamie at the Larkin Animal Clinic. He was in the kennel area of the hospital, looking after a small puppy that had been found by a local on the outskirts of town. Dressed in a white medical jacket and jeans, Jamie scooped the pup up in his arms and left the kennel area. He stepped out into a hallway, which led to various examination rooms and surgery wards. The little dog squirmed in his arms and began to whine, licking his hands at the same time. Jamie came to a vacant exam room and entered. He set the pup down on a stainless steel table. Petting the canine to try and soothe him, Jamie looked closer at the animal to discern his breed.

By the looks of it, the pup was a mix of Siberian husky and golden retriever. The tail was curled like a husky, but the face and the ears had the characteristics of a retriever. The dog was tan, white and black, with large paws for one so young. The most striking thing about the pup was his eyes - one was a dark brown, and the other was a light, almost sky blue. The eyelashes were long and black, framing the beautiful colors with soft affect. When he grew to full size, the dog would be quite large. Jamie wondered who could have dumped the puppy, leaving it to fend for itself.

Almost at once, his heart melted. He had to have this dog. He'd seen many pups, kittens, gerbils, rats, ferrets, turtles and snakes come through the doors of the clinic in his time, but none struck his emotions like the abandoned mutt. The dog looked at him with its unusual eyes, appearing to implore Jamie to claim him as his own. Jamie smiled, and stroked the pup on the head. The little fellow started to wag his tail and pant, as if understanding he had emotionally touched the human regarding him.

Kathy Overstreet was a technician at the animal clinic, having worked there for more than twenty years. She was in her fifties, small built, with short blond hair and a wide smile. She entered the exam room where Jamie and the pup were bonding. The pup spied Kathy, and began wagging his tail again. Jamie looked up and saw Kathy in the doorway of the room, and he smiled.

"A local dropped this pup off," Jamie told her, keeping his hand on the dog. "Someone dumped him on the outskirts of town, by the cemetery. He's okay, but a little underfed. Look at his eyes, Kathy. Come here and look at them."

Kathy approached the exam table, a smile on her face. She had a soft spot for Jamie. Despite being from the Larkin family with all of their wealth and position, she found Jamie to be sincere and caring. He got along with everyone, and his temperament was even and happy. He honestly felt deeply about the welfare of animals, and he took each case with the utmost of concern. Kathy thought Jamie was also one of the best looking men she had ever seen, but he did not seem to care one whit about his appearance. His main priorities in life seemed to be his family - his parents and his sister, and the rest of the Larkin's - and then his education and career. Jamie had a solidness and honesty of character rare in one so young.

Kathy looked at the pup's eyes, stroking his little head. "This dog is beautiful, Jamie," she said. "Are you going to keep him?"

He seemed a bit embarrassed. "Well, yes. I was thinking about it."

"This little tyke would love the Larkin estate," Kathy told him. "He'd have a lot of room to run, not to mention the beach. Will your mom mind?"

Jamie shook his head. "No. She loves animals, too. My cousin Brose has a couple of hunting dogs, but I can't recall the last time we had a pet dog on the grounds. Uncle Sean had a few Rottweiler's once, but that didn't work out because they kept attacking the mailman every day. The main reason we've never really had pet dogs at the mansion is because Aunt Denise is allergic to them. I could keep this pup at the A-frame with me, so I don't think it would be a problem at all."

"Then I'd say you are the proud new owner of this adorable little thing," Kathy said. "He needs a few good meals, and then you can bring him back for his shots. We have that 'puppy package' running right now. He'll get his first shots, and then come back for the others in intervals."

Jamie nodded, a big smile on his face. "That's all the encouragement I need, Kathy. I really want this dog."

The pup suddenly became still, his tail going up as he looked toward the door of the exam room. Kathy and Jamie could hear other dogs barking and whining, and the little pup seemed to be interested in the noise. Out of nowhere, the dog let out a bark, but it sounded more like a booooffff or a fooooofff sound, as the mutt was trying to be tough and protective, a natural instinct in his breed. But it was comical coming from a pup still unsteady on his legs.

Jamie laughed, kissing the top of the dog's head. "I just thought of a perfect name for him."


"Foofer," Jamie said, sounding the name on his tongue. "It fits him, don't you think?"

As if knowing the name, the pup looked at Jamie and started wagging his tail again.

"He does look like a foofer," Kathy replied. "I think you've found yourself a friend, Jamie. The newly christened Foofer Page. My God, it does fit him."

Foofer also plays an important role near the end of the Collective Obsessions Saga, when he does away with the loathsome Jack Sansovino in Megan's Legacy:

Jack stood up, staring down at the still form of his sister. What had he done? He knew he was many terrible things, but being a murderer was not among them. "I just killed my own flesh and blood," he thought in a panic. Horrified, he backed away from her body, his shins bumping against the coffee table.

He heard a low growl. Startled, he glanced to the stairway. He couldn't believe his eyes. Jamie's dog Foofer was still alive after all these years. Jack stared at the hulking canine as he stood on the top step, regarding him with the same distrust and hatred he displayed from the first day Jack came into Jamie's life, eleven years ago.

"Go away, you old beast," Jack said with contempt.

Foofer snarled in answer, baring his formidable fangs.

All Jack wanted to do was scour the cottage for valuables, and then get as far from Larkin City as possible. He was going on the run again, this time forever. Everyone knew there was no statute of limitations on murder.

He waved his hand to shoo the dog. "Go on, you old bastard. Go to bed."

With another snarl, Foofer bounded down the steps toward him. Jack tried to run, but tripped over the coffee table. He fell down face-first into the carpet, quickly rolling over onto his back. It was his intention to get up, but Foofer was on top of him before he could move again.

He was mere inches away from the dog's menacing face, saliva dripping from his lolling tongue and fangs. Jack saw the call of the wild in Foofer's sky blue and dark brown eyes, and knew he didnít stand a chance. Despite the dog's age, he had incredible upper-body strength, which he was using to full advantage.  It was as if he was reverting to the blood of his ancestors, zeroing in on his prey with skilled precision.

Jack's hands and fingernails dug into the carpet as Foofer took hold of his throat, shaking his massive canine head back and forth . . .

Foofer Page appears in The Keeper's Journal, Hearts Desires, The Twilight and Megan's Legacy. Personal Note: Foofer Page is based on Deidre Dalton's dog Barbarosa "Foofer" O'Toole (1997-2007).

Deidre Dalton 

Excerpts from The Keeper's Journal and Megan's Legacy ©Deidre Dalton. All rights reserved. Books in the Collective Obsessions Saga by Deidre Dalton may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the author. All eight books in the saga are works of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

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