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Celtic Fragments (coming in 2026)

"Celtic Fragments" by Deborah O'Toole. Click on image to view larger size in a new window.Celtic Fragments is a sequel to Celtic Remnants by Deborah O'Toole.

Chee Lancaster was secure in her world, having been raised almost single-handedly by her father, Sir David Lancaster, a belted Earl who was also a member of Parliament. She remembered her mother with mixed emotions, knowing Ava Egan and her cohort, Timothy O'Casey, had been terrorists who died as violently as they had lived.

To that end, Chee becomes a solicitor for a London law firm that exclusively handles terrorism cases. It is only after the death of her father's secretary, Jade Agulary, that Chee begins to question whether Ava is truly dead. As she goes through Jade's personal belongings following a car accident, Chee finds mention of Ned Fermoy. She tracks Ned down, wanting to know about her mother's life before the "explosion" took her life. Ned is in a rest home, old and infirm and suffering from Alzheimer's disease. He lets slip info about Ava and Tim, that they are alive and residing in Boston.

Ava and Tim living in Boston under assumed names (Orla and Frank Ryan), posing as a married couple. Ava has her own genealogy business, where she helps Irish Americans find their roots. Tim owns a bar in Watertown called Ryan's Irish Pub.

Ava keeps track of David and Chee via the internet on social pages, and then on Chee's solicitor website. She knows she can never see her daughter or David again.

However, one day Chee shows up at the front door of the house Ava shares with Tim . . .

Celtic Fragments has a tentative release date of 2026.

Celtic Fragments


* Storyline, estimated completion date and book cover art may be subject to change. Check back for updates.

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