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Teapot Collection Photo Gallery


People collect a wide variety of items during their lifetimes. I happen to enjoy collecting tea pots, the more eclectic the better. Storage and display space restrictions have limited my forays in recent years, but it hasn't dampened my fascination for tea pots.


Some of the collections include art deco teapots, novelty teapots (in the shapes of animals and structures), themed teapots (facepots, historical, holiday, religious, sport and characters or settings from fables), and traditional hand-crafted teapots (made from glass, glazed pottery, pewter, porcelain and purple clay among others).


View our samples in the following gallery. Please Note: Adobe Flash Player is needed to view the photo gallery. To download a free copy of the player, click here.





Teapot Collections: All Teapots, Custom Made, Distinctive Decor, Franz Collection, Fun Collections, House of Genista, Marc James Museum, Norwich Castle Museum and Orange Onions.


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