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News, Tuesday, 18th December 2018:

"Torn Bits & Pieces" re-issued with three new poems

Torn Bits & Pieces has been re-issued with three new poems, which were recently unearthed in a storage box.

"Torn Bits & Pieces" by Deborah O'Toole

Deborah O'Toole is author of Torn Bits & Pieces, a collection of poetry which includes Black Eyes, Collective Obsessions (poetic rendering based on the fictional saga of the same name by Deidre Dalton), Confusion & Mr. Barrett, Dark Blue Moon, Drama, Edward, Gentle Creatures, J.D., Mind Control, Moonstruck Madness, Sad Passing, Siembamba, Silver Lining and many others. Read more >

A few months ago, a long-forgotten storage box of items were returned to the author after many years. In turn, she decided to include three poems poems found inside to the current updated edition of Torn Bits & Pieces. The newly discovered poems are I Will Never Marry, J.D. and Mind Control.

Torn Bits & Pieces is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo Books.