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News, Monday, 7th October 2019:

"The Crypt Artist" signed with Club Lighthouse Publishing

The Crypt Artist by Deborah O'Toole has recently been signed with Club Lighthouse Publishing. The novel will be released in both electronic and print editions in early 2020.

"The Crypt Artist" by Deborah O'Toole.

The Crypt Artist: A near-starving artist finds himself inspired by a group of long-dead classic painters in a rundown loft in SoHo, New York. One night he begins to paint a reproduction of art from the past, but becomes too inebriated to continue. When he awakens, he finds the painting complete, but unlike the creation he began the night before. Frequent visits from the ghost of Malachy O'Leary - a quirky Irish poet from the far distant past - convinces Luca he is on the verge of losing his mind. He hears strange music and sees lights coming from the vacant apartment Malachy used to occupy while he was alive, and soon discovers Malachy is not alone: he is often accompanied by a perpetually hissing cat, and shares his old apartment with a selection of famous artists from long ago. Luca is the only one who can see the phantom visions and hear the ghostly talk, further convincing him he is slipping into a well of insanity from which there is no return.

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