N E W S   &   U P D A T E S

News, Thursday, 11th July 2019:

"Mind Sweeper" & "Bloodfrost" signed with Club Lighthouse Publishing

Mind Sweeper by Deborah O'Toole and Bloodfrost by Deborah O'Toole (writing as Deidre Dalton) have been signed with Club Lighthouse Publishing. The novels will be released in both electronic and print editions in 2019. New book covers will be designed by T.L. Davison.

Mind Sweeper by Deborah O'Toole        Bloodfrost by Deborah O'Toole (writing as Deidre Dalton)

Mind Sweeper: Newly-widowed Beth Mills accepts an outpouring of sympathy from her community after a freak mining accident takes the life of her husband, Aaron. Unbeknownst to anyone, she is secretly delighted that her cruel husband is lost to her, but never expects his vicious ghost to return and haunt her in more ways than one. Bloodfrost: Noel Gatsby's dreams take her away from the misery of her pain-wracked, disease-riddled body. The dreams become real when she awakens one morning to find herself completely cured. However, she soon learns her miraculous recovery comes at a price.

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