Foofer & the Ghastly Ghost

By Deborah O'Toole


  Foofer & the Ghastly Ghost      
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The Short Tales Collection by Deborah O'Toole contains eleven short stories for children.

Short Tales Collection by Deborah O'Toole

Follow Foofer on his awesome adventures, and discover the important life lessons he learns along the way.

Foofer & the Ham Bone
Foofer Goes East
Foofer & St. Nick
Foofer, the Pooka & St. Patrick
Foofer Gets Groomed
Foofer Moves Northwest
Foofer & the Magic Mischa
Foofer & the Cat Burglar
Foofer Meets the Puffins
Foofer & the Ghastly Ghost
The Journey to Rainbow Bridge

THE BOOKS: Join Foofer as he chases Santa Claus up the chimney...or when he encounters a horde of flying red ants in Wyoming...or when he solves the mystery of the neighborhood cat burglar...or when he follows a hideous Pooka down a misty path to learn the history of St. Patrick and other Irish legends...or when he is granted three wishes by a magic Mischa...or when he meets a pair of posh Puffins on the beach...or when he banishes a ghost from a spooky old house...
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