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The Food Fare website is designed and maintained by Webs Divine.


Book covers for titles in Food Fare's Culinary Collection were also designed by Webs Divine.


The Food Fare web site was designed and assembled by Webs Divine. Updates on the site are also maintained by Webs Divine.


For comments or issues with the Food Fare website, please contact the webmaster at Webs Divine.




The font used for the main text on the Food Fare website is "Verdana" (12px). Text color is black (#000000). Link color schemes include red (#811305, a: link & visited) and gray-blue (#424963, a: hover link, text decoration: blink). The font used for certain headers and sub-menus is "Trebuchet" in various sizes and colors.


Header buttons were created using the "Trajan Pro" font. All other sub-buttons, navigational images and topic-specific buttons and clipart were created by Webs Divine. Social network buttons and header food icons were provided by My Site My Way Icons, manipulated to fit with the theme of the Food Fare website.


All page templates on the Food Fare web sitewere designed by Webs Divine, apart from the homepage and About Food Fare, which were based on a design by Free CSS Templates.


Contact form processing is maintained by Bravenet.


Other programs used to create the Food Fare website include:

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