Collective Obsessions Saga: Meet the Characters


Miriam Maitland


Miriam MaitlandMiriam Maitland was the mother of Dana Maitland Larkin, and grandmother to Derek and Diana Larkin.

She was a small, thin woman with short gray hair. Miriam was gruff because she was uncomfortable with displays of affection. Dana knew the gruffer she became, the more she loved.

Wheel-chair bound after a stroke in 1970, Miriam lived in a small house on Elm Road in Larkin City, passing away in 1984.

Miriam Maitland appears briefly in Enthrallment.

Deidre Dalton

*Author's Note: The physical appearance of Miriam Maitland is based on public figure Judge Judy Sheindlin. The image is not meant to be indicative of true personality traits of a real person, but rather a general idea of what I envisioned as the "outer shell" of a fictional character. 


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