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Megan Larkin


Megan LarkinMegan Larkin has the singular honor of descending from both sides of the Larkin-Sullivan families. Through her father Liam Larkin, Megan is the great-great-great granddaughter of Larkin founder John Larkin. Through her mother Carly O'Reilly, Megan is the great-great-great granddaughter of original Banshee Point lighthouse keeper and artist extraordinaire Colm Sullivan.


Megan Charlene Larkin was born January 1, 1985, only child of Liam Larkin and Carly O'Reilly. Liam and Carly were third cousins once removed, their common ancestor being John Larkin, unbeknownst to them at the time of their wedding. Carly was desperate to have a child in order to irrevocably tie herself to the Larkin family and their vast wealth. When she thought Liam incapable of fathering a child, she sought to impregnate herself by luring a drunken Rory Larkin (Liam's father) into her unholy bed. She is later dismissive of Megan, seeing the child as a pawn in the scheme of things.


From Enthrallment:

Megan was beautiful without a doubt, but it was more than that. Her physical appearance bespoke the perfect blend of the Sullivan and Larkin families, more so than anyone else before her. Her naturally dark-streaked blonde hair was vividly reminiscent of Jean-Claude Sullivan. The little cleft in her chin was a genetic gift from Rory and Liam Larkin. The blue eyes were all Susan and Carly, and the facial features were an arresting combination of Colleen and Shannon Larkin, and Jennifer Sullivan. Megan had a slight frame, pale complexion, thin fingers, full lips, white smile, and a full-bodied and husky voice. She possessed an old-world charm, sense of antiquation, decorum and quiet elegance. She was dignified and serene, stunning yet simple with an intimation of wildness and natural earthiness.

It's not until Megan is six years old that Carly discovers her literal blood ties to the Larkin family, revealed to her by half-sister Sara Sullivan in Enthrallment. Carly and Sara make plans to wreak vengeance on the Larkin family for sins and tragedies of the past, with fatally tragic results in The Keeper's Journal.


Megan was raised by her father Liam, whom she adored. Her affection for her father was without bounds, and the thought of his unconditional and unwavering love always brought a smile to her lips. Of her mother, Megan had little fond remembrance. From Megan's Legacy:

She turned her head to glance at the framed photographs on top of the dresser. There was her beloved grandfather Ben Webb also known as George Sullivan to some - and his daughter Carly O'Reilly, who was Megan's mother. Megan gazed at the picture of her mother briefly, feeling no connection whatsoever. She placed the photograph out of a sense of duty more than anything else Carly had been her mother, after all. The blonde woman in the picture was physically beautiful with a stunning "barracuda" smile. Megan had vague memories of her, none of them particularly pleasant.

Amidst fears a serial killer is on the loose in Larkin City, Megan marries Boston attorney Luke Castaneda. She is madly in love with the handsome Luke, envisioning a happy life with him.


Other forces are at work to ensure the union never takes place, bringing another veil of evil over the Larkin's and their self-named city. Megan is forced to discover the truth and to set herself free from a legacy of family secrets and obsessions.



Megan Larkin is director of the Colm Sullivan Art Gallery. The gallery opened to the public on April 18, 2008 (re: Megan's Legacy). The opening occurred nearly seventy-five years to the day after the death of its namesake Colm Michael Sullivan, a condition which was stipulated in his last will and testament in 1933.

Colm envisioned incidents in his mind. He had knowledge of events, and painted each from memories of people involved. He took part in many of the occasions personally, but others he painted from imagination and recounts of the happenings. His art is a living history of his own family, the Larkin's and their wondrous estate, and brings his descendants full circle.

Megan's best friend is Larkin City realtor Kip Bathers, whom she met as a child. She is close to her maternal grandfather Ben Webb (aka George Sullivan), whom she calls "Gramps." She is also extremely attached to her pet cat, Kiki.


Deidre Dalton

*Author's Note: The physical appearance of Megan Larkin is based on American actress Kathryn Morris. The image is not meant to be indicative of true personality traits of a real person, but rather a general idea of what I envisioned as the "outer shell" of a fictional character.


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