Book Reviews: "Bloodfrost" by Deidre Dalton (aka Deborah O'Toole)


"Bloodfrost is definitely one of the books you want to read. I had the privilege of editing this book and enjoyed every page of it."

- Palvi Sharma (Horror Night)

Horror Book of the Week: "Bloodfrost" by Deidre Dalton


"I'm a member of a book club, and we recently began reading Bloodfrost. So far, the book has been amazing. Like the other ladies in the club, I look forward to meeting every other Friday night to discuss the book in greater detail. I just love how it's so easy to get caught up in the story; it's like being there watching a movie as each part is played out, which makes it really hard to put the book down and not get ahead of the rest of the group! I just wanted to take a few seconds to tell you that our book club is really enjoying Bloodfrost, and we are all looking forward to reading more of your books in the future. Thank you for creating such a wonderful story."

- Stephanie Grant (Dark Princess AR)


"I was drawn into Bloodfrost from the very first paragraph. Having suffered physical disability in the past, I immediately identified with the main character, Noel. Her journey is gifted and hopeful, with the best and 'worst' of results. I'm really looking forward to the sequels."

- Marion Duchesne



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