webs divine: design notes

Just like most web designers, we learn something new every day. Some of the insights are fairly simple, while others are more complicated. As we go along, WEBS DIVINE plans to share our tricks, hints and tips in Design Notes.


As opposed to drop-down or plain text links, CSS menus allow for sub-menus that shoot off to the side of the main navigation. For example, we wanted to create a sub-menu next to the "Services" category of the main navigation menu to link to individual pages for all WEBS DIVINE services. We also used the same feature on the "Screenshots" selection.

Select "Services" or "Screenshots" from the list below in order to see the sub-menus in action.

Thanks to Dynamic Drive for the easy explanation and use of nested CSS menus. The code can be easily modified to match the font and colors desired.

More Hints & Tips: