webs divine: design notes

Just like most web designers, we learn something new every day. Some of the insights are fairly simple, while others are more complicated. As we go along, WEBS DIVINE plans to share our tricks, hints and tips in Design Notes.


Identifying colors is important in web design. For the most part, html and style sheets include numbered color codes (usually six-digit combinations of letters and numbers) to designate a particular hue.

What happens if you come across an unusual color but don't know the hex value?

Just Color PickerJust Color Picker is a free, easy-to-use tool that not only reveals HEX and RGB codes of particular colors, but also HTML, HSB/HSV and HSL values. Click here for more.

Another similar utility is the Coffee Cup Color Schemer, which costs $29.

I've used both programs. They perform the same basic functions, but I'd take the free Just Color Picker over the paid version at Coffee Cup Color Schemer any day.

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