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The Bloodline Trilogy by Deidre Dalton

The Bloodline Trilogy by Deidre Dalton


"Bloodfrost" by Deidre Dalton

Noel Gatsby's dreams take her away from the misery of her pain-wracked, disease-riddled body. The dreams become real when she awakens one morning to find herself completely cured. However, she soon learns her miraculous recovery comes at a price...



"Bloodlust" by Deidre Dalton

Noel's daughter Kate Grady has unusual powers, able to bend people to her will by mental telepathy. At first she uses her gifts wisely, but then goes astray after falling in love with the diabolical Kirk Lester, whom she follows down an ugly path of debauchery and evil...


Blood & Soul

"Blood & Soul" by Deidre Dalton

Jenny Jardine is adopted into a loving home, never knowing the circumstances of her birth. As a teenager, she discovers she has unique powers of healing. She soon realizes her abilities are an instrument of evil, begotten by two bloodthirsty monsters...




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